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Proprietary Technology

Our technology is driven by more than 15 years of experience and enables a seamless operation of the structured financing facilities we oversee.

Unique Platform

Our unique platform allows us to decompose each underlying asset in each of the expected cash flows at a concept level . This way we know when each payment of each concept at each period should be made and if it took place. Our platform efficiently processes millions of transactions per month from the more than US$4 billion in assets that act as collateral in the financing facilities we oversee.

Our technology enables a seamless integration between Master Collection Trusts, its sub-trusts and the RUG.

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Master Trust:

  • Automated process for bank statement collection, bank reconciliation and identification of payments.
  • Distribution of payments to owners of each collection right from each individual contract.

Structured Debt Trust

  • Core system to keep an updated record of all loans assigned to a trust (updated mirror of the portfolio)
  • Tracking of each expected flow at a concept level (e.g. installment #3 principal, installment #3 interest and installment #3 VAT)
  • Automated process to calculate concentration levels, asset ineligibility, asset to loan ratio (aforo), borrowing base, reserves to maintain in the trust and other relevant KPIs
  • Automated generation of reports and instruction letters to trustess

RUG (Single Registry of Guarantees)

  • Mass uploading to the “Registro Único de Garantías” of the Secertaría de Economía.
  • Registry and control done at an asset level, instead of pool of assets, making it easier to manage each individual guarantee.

Constant Evolution

CXC has been constantly evolving its technology to reduce the transactional burden originators, create better integrations, increase response times and provide value-added services that take advantage of novel technologies.

Master Servicers traditionally see themselves as accounting/auditing firms, CXC is different. We are a technology company that invests heavily in advancing the engine behind our service in order to make to have a more efficient and flexible operation that can provide meaningful information and operational assistance to any type of structured financing facility, regardless of the assets backing the structure.

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