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We help our clients overcome the strategic and operational challenges of managing their structured financing facilities.

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We understand the needs and requirements of investors and tailor our services to care for the interests of CKDs, private debt funds, family offices, banking institutions, national and international investment banks and the public debt markets.

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We provide certainty and transparency to investors in structured financing transactions.

  • We make sure that all assets that act as collaterals to the debt comply with the eligibility criteria agreed between the originator and the investor.
  • We create a mirror of the originator’s management system, allowing us to follow the entire payment schedule of each cash flow generating asset at a concept level (e.g. principal, interest, VAT, etc).
  • We monitor the performance of collaterals and report on ageing, concentration and other portfolio KPIs.
  • We monitor and control the cash generated the assets that serve as the as a source of payment for the structured financing facility.
  • We issue periodic reports to investors and instruct trustees on what to do with the cash that have been received in the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) crated to manage the structured financing facility.
  • We ensure the rightful application of the waterfall of payments defined for each SPV. .


We reduce originator’s operational burden in managing a Master Collection Trust, while giving certainty to investors on the rightful distribution of the collection to the sub-trusts and the originator.

  • We review cash deposits in accounts of the trust and relate them to individual loan contracts, to then identify the subtrust that owns the collection rights.
  • By associating a cash deposit to a individual loan and then to a subtrust, we ensure that all collection received by the Master Collection Trust is directed to the right sub-trust, ensuring the value of this type of vehicles.


We work for trustees, “representates comunes” and investors in ensuring that the cash generated by assets that serve as payment source for a loan, are timely transfer to investors or the SPV holding the structured financing facility. We also offer services in which we monitor that certain payments, that are of interest for investors, are done in time by companies.


We create mirror of the originator’s management system to maintain an updated picture of all cash flow generating asset that act as source of payment in a structured financing facility. These mirrors allow us to seamlessly replace the originator as the primary servicer (collector) of the portfolio of assets.


We tailored our auditing services to customers´ needs and the required recurrence of the service.

  • On-site review of physical documentation on samples or entire portfolio loans, leases and other types of financial assets.
  • Annual, bi-annual or quarterly revision of portfolios of assets and sampling of documents backing the assets.
  • Process and IT infrastructure due diligence on originators (typically non-bank financial institutions)


We are fully integrated with the “Registro Único de Garantías” of the Secretaría de Economía to legally perfect the transfer of rights from the originator to the Special Purpose Vechicle created to hold Structured Financing facility.

Case Studies


Each year CXC is selected to serve as the Master Servicer of more than 40% of the publicly funded asset backed securities.

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Master Collection Trusts have grown in popularity in the last years, as a complementary structure to enhance the subtrust bankruptcy remoteness, while reducing the friction between an originator and end customers of their loans who in the past experience constant changes to the accounts where their payments had to be made.

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